Artist Selina Kulitja
Title Salt Lake
Year 2022

Burned etching and acrylic paint on plywood

Dimensions 60 × 90 cm
Art Centre Maruku Arts →

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Selina Kulitja

Selina Kulitja is minyma Anangu, an Aboriginal woman from the Central Desert. Her mother, senior artist, Nyinku Kulitja, taught her about art making and Selina began carving in her own right in the early 1990s. She began painting with Maruku in 2007 and was elected Chairperson in 2018. Selina is a strong ambassador for Maruku, bringing her people’s art and culture to the wider world through workshops and exhibitions. She is also a Health Worker in her local community clinic and a land management advisor with the Katiti-Petermann Indigenous Protected Area. She is an active spokesperson as both a local and regional council representative.

Artist statement

Both the dot painting and walka etching techniques (patterns burnt into the wood with heated wire) have become Centralian traditions, evolving with the adaptation of traditional design for public display and as a depiction of Tjukurpa and landscape.

This walka board is unusual for its depiction of pantu, or Salt Lake landscape which is a common feature of the Central and Western Australian Deserts. While all parts of the Country have their origins in the Tjukurpa or Creation Period; stories of the Salt Lakes are very rarely referred to. The artist has simply described their painting as Pantu. This is also the Pitjantjatjara name for Lake Amadeus which lies to the northeast of Uluru.