Susie Ngwarrey Peterson

Artist Susie Ngwarrey Peterson
Title Sandhills
Year 2022

Synthetic polymer on canvas

Dimensions 91 × 91 cm
Art Centre Artists of the Barkly →

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Susie Ngwarrey Peterson

Susie Ngwarrey Peterson was born in Wutunugurra (Epenarra) in 1965 and still resides there today. She is a core member of the Epenarra artist collective and is well-known for her richly detailed portrayals of the landscape around Wutunugurra. Her elegant brush strokes and refined dotting bring the details of the country to life, including bush foods and medicines. Susie has also worked with Barkly Regional Arts as an art worker at festivals and art fairs.

Artist statement

Sandhills with dried trees there is no rain. The white flowers are bush medicine, it is crushed into a paste and used for sores on your face. I make it with oil, it smells nice.