Andrea Pungkarta Rontji

Artist Andrea Pungkarta Rontji
Title The Country Lads
Year 2022

Terracotta and underglazes

Dimensions 26 × 14 × 14 cm
Art Centre Hermannsburg Potters →

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Andrea Pungkarta Rontji

Andrea Pungkarta Rontji comes from a large family of potters and joined Hermannsburg Potters in 2017. She is the niece of prominent potters Lindy and Carol Rontji and is the granddaughter of Virginia Rontji and Irene Entata. Andrea draws her inspiration from the landscape, flora, fauna and community of Ntaria (Hermannsburg). She has a fine attention to detail in her brushwork and is a skilled hand builder with clay. Andrea is a Director and art worker at Hermannsburg Potters.

Artist statement

When I was a young girl I seen The Country Lads playing a concert at North Camp area. Now I’m a potter I put it on my pot, a story about The Country Lads. In my country there’s an old building in Hermannsburg in the precinct, where sometimes there are bands playing. And the choir at the church next door are singing gospel. And I painted a little bit of landscape in between Alice Springs and Hermannsburg area as well.