Artist Rosabella Ryder
Title Three-Legged Bird
Year 2022

Soft sculpture made with recycled bush dyed woollen blanket, embellished with wool and cotton

Dimensions 30 × 34 × 39 cm
Art Centre Yarrenyty Arltere Artists →

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Rosabella Ryder

I was born in Alice Springs in 1975. I grew up at White Gate, I was living with all my family, all my grandfathers, aunties and uncles. My grandfather’s country is Little Well, Ross River way. I also lived at Santa Teresa with my other family when I was 12 and went to school there. I got married at about 16 and had my first baby when I was living at White Gate. Now I’ve got six kids, I grew them up out bush at No 5 community west of Alice Springs. Now I’m living at Yarrenyty Arltere Town Camp, I’m working here at the art centre.

Artist statement

I like to do this little work. It’s really nice. I love sewing. I like to be busy and I always take work back home and keep doing it. My partner works here too.