Artist Dulcie Sharpe
Title Tjilkamata
Year 2022

Ink on Indian rag paper, framed

Dimensions 77 × 57 cm
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Dulcie Sharpe

I was born at Hamilton Downs. My father and mother been leave me to stay with my sister Trudy. Then we came back to Jay Creek for school. Everyday after school we used to go swimming at Jay Creek. My grandmother taught me everything about culture; how to find honey ants, bush tucker, dancing, language. This made me strong.

Artist statement

I like sewing birds and echindas. I like birds the most. I sew after work, on the weekends and even in hospital. I think too much (a lot) about what sewing to do and what colours for each bird. I have been coming to the art centre for 15 years. I did painting, pottery, printing and now I sew. We learnt everything here. Sewing and dying and print making. And now I’m doing ink on paper following my sister Trudy in the art room, trying something new.