Artist Mary Napangati
Title Untitled (Tjutalpi)
Year 2022

Acrylic on Belgian linen

Dimensions 91 × 122 cm
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Mary Napangati

Mary Napangati was born in a bush camp at Lapi Lapi on the Northern Territory and Western Australian border. Mary lived a traditional lifestyle growing up and at a very young age was introduced to gathering bush tucker, bush medicine and craft and bead work used for traditional ceremonies, as well as the cultural knowledge of her country. Mary first began painting in the early 1990’s, at first sporadically as there was no art centre where she lived. The central themes of Mary’s paintings include traditional women’s ceremonies and Tjukurrpa stories which relate to the lands around her homeland, those of her own Country.

Artist statement

This painting depicts designs associated with the rockhole site of Tjutalpi, east of the Kiwirrkura community. In ancestral times, a group of men and women travelled to this site. While at Tjutalpi, they performed the dances and songs associated with the area. During their travels the men and women gathered a variety of bush foods including pura or bush tomatoes and kampuraarrpa or desert raisins. They also gathered wood for the manufacture of wana (digging sticks). The roundels in the work represent the soakage waters found at this site.