Tjarlirli Men's Collaborative

Artist Tjarlirli Men's Collaborative
Title Wati Tingarri Kuntaringtjanya
Year 2021

Acrylic on canvas

Dimensions 147.3 × 177.8 cm
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Tjarlirli Men's Collaborative

Adam Butler is an artist and art worker with Tjarlirli Art. ‘Butler’ is a member of a family well-known in the Western Desert region and his father was John Tjakamarra, a founding member of Papunya Tula Artists. Adam was born at Papunya, and has lived in Kintore and Kiwirrkurra communities closer to his homelands. He now lives and paints from Tjukurla community.

Simon Butler is an elder who was born in the bush at Kulkurta, an important place northwest of Tjukurla. He is the boss for the Country there. Simon’s brother Antjatjari Tjakamarra, an original Papunya Tula artist, was instrumental in the homelands movement and establishing the bores on the way to Kurlkurta, which allows family to continue to access that country today.

Henry Farmer is an art worker and Director of Tjarlirli and Kaltukatjara Art. Henry is the son of senior artist and law woman Annie Farmer.

Artist statement

This tingari is sacred for watiku. Watiku Tingari, watiku Tjukurpa. We three wati painting here share this Tjukurpa. I’ve been singing that song in a place called Kurlkurta and this place name Kuntaringtjanya. One big rock there, its sacred. All over this place people were sitting down [in the Tjukurpa]. One mob was sitting down, and another mob sittng down sideways around here. Then they started walking, wati, minyma, tjitji; travelling to Kuntaringtjanya. Kuntaringtjanya has big story for me. It’s my borning place, my Tjukurpa.

– Simon Butler

Kurlkurta is a cultural homeland for the families of Tjukurla. The site is vast and located in a remote part of the continent.