Sally M Nangala Mulda

Artist Sally M Nangala Mulda
Title We Go Home From Hunting
Year 2021

Acrylic on linen

Dimensions 60 × 87 cm
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Sally M Nangala Mulda

Sally M Nangala Mulda was born in Titjikala, and currently resides in Abbott’s town camp by the Todd River in Mparntwe (Alice Springs). Her figurative paintings of bold fluid movement, layering of colours and cursive descriptive text candidly depict lived experiences within this camp. She lays bare her reality, cataloguing domestic scenes; cooking damper and talking story, alongside snippets of life since the 2007 Northern Territory Intervention; police pouring out grog and camping in the riverbed. Sally reserves a didactic approach, and paints her stories, shared by many Indigenous Australians, with emotional and political honesty. Having only taken up painting later in life in 2008, her career has been met with much success, and has seen her celebrated as one of the nation’s top contemporary artists. Sally’s work is held in collections across the country, as well as many private collections.

Artist statement

We going home from hunting. My mother taking 12 rabbit all ready to cook. We always go for hunting on Saturday every day.