Beth Mbitjana Inkamala

Artist Beth Mbitjana Inkamala
Title Western Aranda Music - Four Stories
Year 2022

Terracotta and underglazes

Dimensions 35 × 16 × 16 cm
Art Centre Hermannsburg Potters →

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Beth Mbitjana Inkamala

Beth Mbitjana Inkamala was born in Mparntwe (Alice Springs), and is the niece of prominent potter C Inkamala. Judith Inkamala is her nanny. Beth grew up in Ntaria (Hermannsburg), where she recalls observing her aunties working with pottery in the 1990s. As an adult she moved to Papunya with her husband and child, where they remained for 9 years. During this time Beth worked at the local council in administration while painting at the art centre in Papunya. In 2014 Beth started making her own works developing a distinctive style and has dedicated more time to her ceramics.

Artist statement

1. Highway 6, Western Aranda People. Eden Malbunka – he’s singing about his Country. Going down the creek with all the young fellas and kids. Telling story, it’s good to be on Country and telling all the kids. Keeping their culture strong and talking with all the young fellas and kids. Being out on Country is keeping the culture strong and keeping yourself strong. Go Western Aranda Bulldogs!

2. The Country Lads, Hermannsburg Mountain. This is a Story about The Country Lads’ Hermannsburg Mountain and people dancing, family gathering for a concert. We used to gather together, dancing, sitting around the fire, aunties, cousins, grandma. The singer is Irwin Inkamala, my uncle, Lionel on guitar, Charlie Inkamala on the drums and Joe Braden on the guitar too.

3. Warren Williams, Family. Warren Williams going out to Iparlura and visiting family, gathering round the fire with uncle, aunty and cousin and all the little kids and singing about family. Families getting together.

4. Daryl Kantawara, Finke River Blues. Daryl sitting down the river and singing the ‘Finke River Blues’ – how he used to walk around when he was a young fella. How he used to go around the river flowing and how he used to ride a horse down the creek.